September 21, 2016

Katie McGinty Uses Tax Payer Money For Personal Use: The Sequel

It appears that Katie McGinty made a habit of using taxpayer money for her own personal benefit. Last month, the Washington Free Beacon uncovered an instance where McGinty traveled to San Francisco to meet about a possible job opportunity, and then charged taxpayers for it.

Now the Washington Free Beacon has uncovered another example of the same abhorrent behavior; this one coming just weeks before McGinty left her job running the Department of Environmental Protection. Shortly before McGinty left her government job she charged Keystone taxpayers $1,063 for a flight up to Boston to meet with the president of GreatPoint Energy, a company with no business before Pennsylvania:

“The sole meeting scheduled on her quick trip was in Cambridge, Massachusetts with Dan Goldman, president of GreatPoint Energy, another green energy company in the Kleiner Perkins portfolio that did no business in Pennsylvania. McGinty’s official schedule shows that she held a meeting with staff to discuss “Dan G’s BD position” the morning after she returned from Boston.”

This example exposes McGinty’s “inappropriate” behavior because a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has confirmed that the state has never done business with any of the companies McGinty met with on her two taxpayer funded trips.

McGinty’s self-interested behavior also exposes the real motivation why Pennsylvania Democrats are trying to block the release of McGinty’s work emails. She’s got too much to hide. Like Hillary Clinton, McGinty can’t be trusted to not use her government office to enrich herself.