October 12, 2016

Katie McGinty Went Through The Revolving Door, Now She’s Lying About It

Katie McGinty just can’t help it. When the Pennsylvania Democrat was questioned yesterday by WITF about allegations that she used her time in public office to enrich herself, McGinty lied and claimed that the allegations are false:

HOST: “I do want to follow up on something you said that the – about the amount of money that’s been spent on false claims in his commercials. What are a few of the things that the commercials have said that are false?” MCGINTY: “Well, just the allegations that you were talking about, that somehow I used public office to further my private sector work. And that has been found time and time and time again to be false, misleading, untrue. My goodness, it’s hard to keep track because he has thrown everything, including the kitchen sink, at yours truly and it’s just a blizzard of negative stuff. All of which, it’s been extraordinary, has been found to be false, misleading, and untrue.”

Sadly for McGinty, there is a mountain of evidence that shows she went the revolving door and came out with a pile of cash. Earlier this month PolitiFact Pennsylvanialooked at the claim that McGinty was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars from companies she had regulated and rated the assertion “true”:

“The pro-Republican PAC Freedom Partners Action Fund attacked Senate candidate Katie McGinty in a recent ad, stating, ‘she’s made thousands from companies she previously regulated.’ After McGinty stopped working as DEP secretary in 2008, she worked for or served on the board for energy companies NRG Energy, Iberdrola and Plextronics, among others. NRG Energy and Iberdrola both compensated her with more than $100,000. According to the Department of Environmental Protection, the office is responsible for regulating the activities of energy companies. We rule the claim True.”

McGinty history of using her time working in government to enrich herself goes back to when she worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. During her time there McGinty made multiple taxpayer-funded trips that she used as job-hunting opportunities. When McGinty has previously been pressed on her history of working for companies she used to regulate, she’s ignored the question. McGinty should have taken that tactic this time, instead she lied to the voters of Pennsylvania about her history going through the revolving door.