January 19, 2016

Katie McGinty’s Budget Crisis Turns 200

On Sunday, Pennsylvania senate candidate and failed budget negotiator Katie McGinty took the time to tell her Twitter followers that the primary election was 100 days away:

What McGinty failed to note, however, was that the day before marked 200 days since Pennsylvania last had a budget, thanks in part to McGinty’s hyper-partisan mismanagement of budget negotiations during her brief stint as Governor Tom Wolf’s chief of staff. The Morning Call reported back in July:

But McGinty’s reputation as Wolf’s chief of staff has not been rosy. McGinty angered Republicans, especially GOP Senate leaders, by accusing them of “lining their pockets” with a pension reform bill during a speech, resulting in McGinty’s being excluded from some early budget talks.

McGinty stayed on the job just long enough to contribute to the budget breakdown before ditching the Wolf administration to run for senate.

Despite criticism from both of her Democratic primary opponents, McGinty has yet to acknowledge her role in the crisis. She did, however, show how little she cares about Pennsylvania’s plight by using it as a laugh line at a recent political event: