September 14, 2016

Katie McGinty’s Clintonesque Email Scandal

Pennsylvania Senate candidate Katie McGinty’s tenure as Governor Tom Wolf’s chief of staff is drawing fresh scrutiny today. The state Office of Open Records had ordered McGinty’s emails made public, yet Governor Wolf’s administration is fighting that order in court. This has presented serious problems for McGinty.

The last thing McGinty needs is to be compared to Hillary Clinton. Yet the latest turns in her very own email scandal have reporters and voters drawing the conclusion that like Clinton, McGinty has something to hide:

“Likened to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, the dispute over Pennsylvania Senate candidate Katie McGinty’s emails from her tenure as Gov. Tom Wolf’s chief of staff is headed to a Harrisburg courtroom on Tuesday. Pennsylvania Republicans are asking a court to rule on its Right-to-Know request for emails from Wolf’s office, reported.”

Similarly to Clinton, only a fraction of McGinty’s emails have been voluntarily made public, and those that have been are “irrelevant” to her public duties:

“The governor’s office has released 71 out of about 15,000 pages of emails but Republicans have dismissed those as innocuous or irrelevant: In one email, McGinty asked a staffer, ‘Can you get me a diet coke.’ Another showed McGinty declining an invitation to someone’s daughter’s dance recital.”

McGinty’s widely panned activities during budget negotiations led both Democrats and Republicans to criticize her. This gives McGinty ample incentive to want her emails kept secret.

Regardless of whether the emails are turned over, the issue is having a negative impact on McGinty’s candidacy. Pennsylvania voters see that McGinty and her allies in Governor Wolf’s office are hiding information from them. As Clinton’s sky high untrustworthy numbers have shown, these types of issues have a real impact on voters.