November 13, 2013

Why Is Kay Hagan So Flustered?

Yesterday, Kay Hagan (D-NC) held a conference call with a group of reporters to discuss the problems with ObamaCare’s rollout. Dana Milbank, a columnist for The Washington Post, transcribed a few lines from the Q&A in which Hagan could barely give a coherent answer when asked why she told North Carolinians that they could keep their existing health insurance.
A reporter from the Greensboro (N.C.) News & Record asked why Hagan, like President Obama, had told people that if they liked their health plans they’d be able to keep their health plans.

There was a long pause before Hagan responded, then a deep intake of breath. “You know, Doug,” she responded, “the, um” – here she exhaled and paused again – “the way these, the – the regulations and the law, uh” – pause – “came forward recently, I think people were surprised that the, uh, the – the actual original plans would be, um, would be canceled.”

Ouch! So, why is Kay Hagan so flustered that she can’t even articulate an answer to a reporter? Probably because she lied to North Carolinians when she promised that you can keep your insurance under ObamaCare, and now 160,000 North Carolinians are losing their existing coverage.

HAGAN: “I think the key here is if you’ve got health insurance in our country you keep it. Whatever we do I don’t want to dismantle any system where people are happy with the coverage that they have.” AUDIENCE: “No one’s happy!” HAGAN: “Well actually a lot of people are happy and so I think we’ve got to be sure that that stays in place.”