September 25, 2013

Kay Hagan Trying To Hide From Medical Device Tax She Supported

Yesterday, Senator Kay Hagan became the 5th Democrat to co-sponsor a bill that would repeal the oppressive medical device tax implemented through ObamaCare. The medical device tax would threatens the jobs of 400,000 Americans including 24,500 North Carolinians by implementing a 2.3% tax on medical devices ranging from pacemakers to tongue depressors.

Sounds like a great policy move for Hagan, right? Not so fast…

In addition to voting for ObamaCare that originally included the medical device tax, Hagan actually voted against repealing the tax.

When she had the chance to take out the medical device tax that she now bemoans, Hagan chose to keep it in. Changing her position a year from the election doesn’t make up for that.