July 25, 2016

Keith Ellison: Clinton “Not The Progressive” Bernie Sanders Is

During the Democratic primary, U.S. Representative Keith Ellison (D-MN) was a strong supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT)  because he did not feel Secretary Clinton was “progressive” enough.

Even after it looked like Clinton would be the nominee, Ellison still criticized Clinton for not addressing the issues he cared about:

“I will support the Democratic nominee, there is no question about that. The real question is: What is going to make me get excited? I want to hear her talking about the most pressing issue in America today, which is the concentration of wealth at the top.”

Ellison was also a critic of Clinton’s negative attacks on Sanders. He even compared Clinton’s 2016 attacks on Sanders to her 2008 attacks on Obama:

“This is not a ‘no you can’t’ campaign. This is not a diminish your dreams kind of campaign. This is a ‘believe in the possibilities we can do together’ kind of campaign. Anybody who starts telling you that’s unrealistic or you can’t do that, I’ll tell you. Eight years ago when you voted for Barack Obama did you do it because of what he told you was not possible?”

Finally, Ellison made Clinton’s reliance on big money political donors a political liability. Ellison condemned Clinton’s dependence on billionaires, while Sanders was the grassroots candidate:

“‘I don’t believe that Democrats getting our billionaires to go fight with the Republican billionaires is the solution,’ Ellison said Monday, explaining his endorsement. ‘The solution is to have a mass grassroots movement to create the public will and public consensus that we need a fair and balanced economy, so everyone can make it here.’”