November 14, 2016

Keith Ellison’s Extreme Progressive Record

Congressman and Bernie super-fan Keith Ellison announced his candidacy for the chairmanship for the Democratic National Committee. Already the Minnesota congressman looks to be the prohibitive favorite to win. Nevermind that the last member of Congress to serve concurrently as DNC Chair ended in catastrophe, Senate Democratic leaders Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer have joined liberal firebrands Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in endorsing Ellison’s candidacy.

As Republicans, America Rising could not be more thrilled. If the DNC picks Ellison, they will have doubled-down on Clinton’s failed 2016 strategy. Clinton moved way to the left on the issues in order to appeal to where she thought voters were. As America Rising’s new backgrounder on his extreme left-wing record shows, Ellison is already well outside of the mainstream for most Americans:

Keith Ellison’s Extreme Progressive Record by America Rising PAC on Scribd