November 15, 2016

Keith Ellison’s Extreme Record: Pro-Iran Edition

Congressman Keith Ellison’s foreign policy extremism does not end with Israel. Ellison has also been one of the strongest supporters of President Obama’s Iran deal. Ellison was one of those Democrats who posited the false claim that the only choices the United States faced concerning Iran were Obama’s weak deal and war. Then after the deal was announced Ellison could not have been more laudatory toward the Iran nuclear deal:

“The historic agreement reached today proves the power of engagement over isolation — we can choose peace over war. The world is safer thanks to the patient diplomacy and determination of President Obama, Secretary Kerry, and our P5+1 negotiating partners. In the coming weeks, the focus will be on the U.S. Congress to see if Republicans take this deal away from the world. We will stop those who want to push us closer to war.”

Ellison’s views concerning Iran have always been harmful. Back in 2015, Ellison absurdly claimed that Iran was “not a national security threat to the United States.” Considering that Iran is one of the biggest state-sponsors of terrorism, Ellison’s statements on Iran alone should disqualify him from any leadership position within the Democratic Party.