July 25, 2016

Kenney & Clinton, Both Want To Tax Your Soda…And Everything Else

Aside from sanctuary cities, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney is best known for his decision to levy a massive new citywide tax on Philadelphia’s soft drinks. 

In June, the city passed a 1.5 cent per ounce tax on sodas and other sugary drinks, ensuring that every Philadelphian that wants to refresh themselves with a drink will have to make a government contribution.

Unsurprisingly, Hillary Clinton endorsed this proposal, even though she has claimed throughout her campaign that she doesn’t want to raise taxes. A soda tax would crush many individuals who simply can’t afford to give more money to the government.Even Bernie Sanders rejected this approach that would hurt low income families.

As Mayor Kenney and Hillary Clinton stand together on this, one can only guess the next ridiculous product that Clinton will want to tax.