August 20, 2015

Kentucky Democrats: Politics As Usual

In May, the Democrat Governors Association received $25,000 from Kentucky health care company Passport Health Plan. The DGA has given $600,000 to a Kentucky Super PAC that is supporting Attorney General Jack Conway. Passport has come under scrutiny in the past for questionable and unethical spending practices.

In 2010, a state auditor’s report found Passport Health Plan had been wastefully spending taxpayer money on lobbying and sponsorships, had weak ethical policies, conflicts of interest, and questions regarding board structure.

At the time, Governor Beshear released a statement and said these business practices were unacceptable for a business that received millions of taxpayer dollars each year. Governor Beshear called on Passport to stop spending on anything not related to providing health care.

Conway probably hopes Beshear will stay mum this time around.