April 7, 2017

Key Numbers From Jon Ossoff’s FEC Report

With each passing day, Jon Ossoff’s image as a spoiled, young, multi-millionaire continues to take hold, and the release of his first FEC report isn’t going to help.

The release of Ossoff’s first FEC report will only solidify that image.

Ossoff’s campaign has been defined by his resume lies and his reliance on national liberals to fuel his campaign. According to The Hill, Ossoff is also the favorite candidate of many Hollywood celebrities:

“Actors including John Leguizamo, Sam Waterston, Kristen Bell, Connie Britton, Jessica Lange, Lynda Carter and Rhea Perlman all contributed to Ossoff’s campaign, according to his Federal Election Commission (FEC) report made public on Thursday. Comedian Chelsea Handler maxed out with a contribution of $2,700, as did actor Jon Cryer.”

The huge number of Hollywood liberals supporting Ossoff, isn’t the only damaging conclusion drawn from his FEC report. See below for other key numbers from the report:

95%: Percentage of Ossoff’s donors who live outside Georgia

74.3%: Ossoff’s high burn rate, leaving him vulnerable after the runoff on April 18th

$7,000: Total contributions Ossoff received from Nancy Pelosi

$1,087,892: Total Ossoff raised from the liberal states of California, New York and Massachusetts

$38,741.29: Contributions bundled by the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund Lobbyist