February 10, 2016

Key Takeaways From Hillary Clinton’s Embarrassing New Hampshire Loss

Hillary Clinton needed a strong showing in the New Hampshire primary after the virtual tie with Bernie Sanders in Iowa. Instead, Clinton was blown out, losing almost all demographics, regions, and income groups. Below are some of the key numbers from Clinton’s embarrassing New Hampshire primary loss:

34%: The percentage who said the quality most important to them was that a candidate was honest and trustworthy. Among those voters Clinton lost 5% to 91% to Sanders.

17%: The percentage of people who voted for Clinton after saying the top quality they were looking for in a candidate was that they “care about people like me.” Sanders won 82% of those voters.

67%: Senator Sanders’ margin among 18-29 year old voters

$200,000: The only income group Hillary Clinton won last night. Clinton lost by double digits in every other income group.

21,670: The number of fewer votes Clinton got in this year’s New Hampshire primary versus her performance in 2008.

72% to 27%: Bernie Sanders’ margin over Hillary Clinton among independent voters.

41%: The number of points Clinton lost by among voters who put income inequality as their number one issue.

19%: Bernie Sanders margin over Clinton among moderate voters.

11%: Number of points Clinton lost female voters by.

9%: The number of points Clinton lost by among voters who put health care as their number one issue.