November 24, 2015

Keystone-Backing Union Endorses Clinton, Embraces “Politics At Its Worst”

Today, the Laborers’ International Union of North America became the latest labor union to endorse Hillary Clinton for president. In doing so, LiUNA’s union bosses turned their backs on the key issue their membership believes in: the Keystone XL Pipeline.

For years LiUNA has been a leading supporter of Keystone. To the labor union, Keystone meant a project that would “create thousands of good jobs at a time when unemployment in the construction industry is 16%.” Just a few weeks ago, when the Obama Administration announced it would block the Keystone permit, LiUNA called it “politics at its worst.


But to Hillary Clinton, opposing Keystone was an opportunity to demonstrate how far left she is willing to go to win her Party’s nomination—even if that means opposing a commonsense, union-backed project that would have created new construction jobs.

LiUNA recognized that fact immediately, when they released this statement following the announcement:

The hard working men and women who build this country’s infrastructure are angry and disappointed that their jobs are once again being dismissed because of the need for candidates to curry favor from environmental elitists…

Unfortunately, this is what hard-working, middle-class workers have come to expect from their supposed friends, and it is because of this that there will be pause and consternation at the ballot box.

How long until LiUNA locals come out in support of Bernie Sanders?