August 13, 2015

Keystone State Chaos As Dem Senate Hopefuls Duke It Out

To put it mildly, Democrats are having some problems in Pennsylvania. The massive scandal involving disgraced Democratic AG Kathleen Kane threatens to engulf a targeted congressional race in PA-08, and the senate race has already devolved into a knock-down drag-out primary with more than eight months to go.

The Delaware County Daily Times editorial board sums up the state of the race between the establishment’s handpicked candidate, Katie McGinty, and repeat challenger Joe Sestak, who is essentially running against his own party:

Democrats are now looking at a very expensive primary war. That doesn’t necessarily bode well for Sestak, who has lagged a bit in terms of fundraising…

…One thing is certain. Don’t expect Sestak to give an inch.

This is how he reacted on Twitter to the news that Rendell was lining up behind McGinty: “If party leaders in DC & the machine in Philly want an establishment candidate, I’m not their guy. I’m for people, above party or type. :-)”

This one should be a barn-burner.

Pass the popcorn. Sestak is starring in a sequel of “Joe Vs. the Machine.”

He’s got ‘em right where he wants them.

Here’s a look back at the not good, the bad, and the ugly news from the past week alone:

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Just when it seemed like the coverage couldn’t get any worse, enter off-message machine Gov. Ed Rendell, who is chairing McGinty’s campaign and appears to be doing more harm than good so far:

FALSE: Gov. Rendell’s Claim About Katie McGinty’s Budget Commitment

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