September 30, 2015

KY Dem Admits He Is A Liberal-Establishment Man

At Wednesday’s Kentucky Sports Radio debate, the candidates were asked who they would vote for if the presidential election were today.

When it came to Democrat Jack Conway, he dodged. He refused to say who he supports in the increasingly competitive Democratic primary, but did say he would vote for whoever the Democrat nominee is, regardless of policies or principles. That means Conway just committed to vote for Bernie Sanders, who supports eliminating subsidies to coal and a tax on carbon, if he becomes the nominee. Or he’d be happy to support Martin O’Malley whose administration got strong support from environmentalists to reduce coal plants.

Conway has received campaign contributions in the past from major anti-coal activists such as Democrat Nancy Pelosi, Sierra Club, and Democrat Harry Reid (who has said “coal makes us sick“).

Conway may have forgotten that after he helped elect President Barack Obama twice, he moved on to supporting Hillary Clinton. At an Alison Lundergan Grimes event, Conway introduced Clinton as “the next president of the United States”:

Grimes also came under similar scrutiny when she wouldn’t admit she voted for Obama, a flap that helped sink Grimes’ campaign.

Does Conway no longer support Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, or is he afraid of her e-mail scandal causing problems in his campaign? Chuck Todd of NBC’s Meet the Press recently opined that Hillary’s e-mail scandal will effect the Kentucky gubernatorial race, and it looks like he was probably right.