February 21, 2016

Latest FEC Report Shows Clinton Has Found New Use For Private Server Equipment

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton’s February FEC report was made public, and one curious item was an in-kind donation from the candidate herself of computer equipment. After the discovery of Clinton’s illicit private email server, it appears the Clintons had less use for all of their computer equipment. If that’s the case it would explain the $11,010.47 in-kind donation from Hillary Clinton of “Computer Equipment & Office Supplies” to the campaign last month.

As for the rest of the report it’s not pretty. After her poor showing in the early states, Clinton has ramped up her spending on polling, travel, consulting, and events. Below are some of the key numbers from Clinton’s February FEC report:

The Clinton campaign continues to pay serious money for polling, with $184,510.22 spent last month alone. They also reported $153,079 in debt for polling.

Hillary for America spent $713,210.23 on travel expenses last month. A majority of that spending, $473,735.79, went to Executive Fliteways, Clinton’s preferred private jet provider.

The Clinton campaign also showed $238,915.18 in consulting expenses on their February report, including $78,000 on media consulting, and $115,221.76 on strategic consulting.

Event production was another major expense for the Clinton campaign, totaling $248,883.41. That doesn’t even include the $43,065.50 spent on event planning, nor the $209,764.26 on venues, catering, food and beverages.

This month the Clinton’s campaign was also bested by Sanders in total money raised. They reported raising just under $15 million in January, while the Bernie Sanders campaign reported $21.3 million. Clinton’s campaign also spent significantly more than they took in. The campaign reported a burn rate of 133.8%, after spending $19,918,792.07 in this period. Hillary for America also lagged behind on small dollar donations. While the Sanders received an average donation of $27, only 18.4% of Clinton’s campaign donations were less than $200.

Finally, on the superPAC side, Priorities USA reported two different contributions that could prove harmful to Clinton’s actual campaign. The first was that they received $3.5 million last month from James Simons, a hedge fund billionaire from New York. That contribution amounted to almost one-third of all the money Priorities USA received last month.

Priorities USA also received $2 million from a big Keystone Pipeline supporter, the Laborers’ International Union of North America. LiUNA once called the killing of the pipeline, “politics at its worst,” yet now they are spending millions on a politician, Hillary Clinton, who flip-flopped away from their own position for cynically political reasons. Some might call that politics at its worst.