December 11, 2013

Left Targets Hillary’s Position On Social Security

One thing has been clear during the budget fights on Capitol Hill and the spat between Elizabeth Warren, liberal groups and centrist think-tank Third Way – the Democratic base has no patience for any proposals to change Social Security.

Removing any doubt today, has launched a new TV adcalling for Warren’s position, an expansion of Social Security benefits.

This is a direct affront to Hillary Clinton, who in October opened the door to Social Security cuts, saying only that such cuts shouldn’t be “really disadvantaging” to beneficiaries:

“What has worked is a compromise where yes, we raise revenues for a certain period, we go and look at entitlements to see what is fair and can be done without, you know, really disadvantaging your existing beneficiaries or people who are going to rely on those programs, unlike many of us who don’t have to rely on them.”

Hard to imagine liberal activists like that answer.