August 30, 2016

Liberal PA Democrat Supports ObamaCare Expansion, Dodges Clinton Questions

During a WBCB radio debate earlier today, Steve Santarsiero, the Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania’s 8th District, proved he is a loyal Hillary Clinton supporter who wants to expand the ObamaCare disaster rather than fix it.

Santarsiero is a devoted Clinton supporter who has bragged about the “real synergy between our campaigns.” So it wasn’t too surprising when he dodged questions about Hillary Clinton’s scandals with the Clinton Foundation and her email issues, claiming “those issues have been hashed out in the press ad nauseam.”

Santarsiero also doubled down on his support of the public option in ObamaCare, a major expansion of the failed healthcare law, that Clinton coincidentally supports. ObamaCare is hurting Pennsylvania families, who could see double-digit premium increases as high as 48 percent next year. In addition, Aetna announced just this month that it is pulling out of the state’s marketplace this year, forcing thousands to find new coverage. Instead of supporting fixes to ObamaCare, Santarsiero wants to expand the negative impact of the law to more Pennsylvanians.

Today, Santarsiero proved he is a lock-step Democrat who has no concerns about Clinton’s honesty and trustworthiness and who doesn’t recognize the failure of ObamaCare in Pennsylvania.