March 27, 2017

Like Clinton, Andrew Cuomo Has Been Awful For Upstate New York

Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) should talk to Hillary Clinton about what it’s like running for president with an uninspiring record of creating jobs. A persistent problem for Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign was that as a New York Senator she had promised significant job creation in Upstate New York and failed miserably.

Now analysis in The Buffalo News finds that Governor Cuomo has a similarly dreadful track record of creating jobs in Upstate New York. Cuomo has also opened himself up to charges that he’s out of touch because he hasn’t modulated his promises on job creation, saying this year that the entire state is “doing well” economically.

The numbers tell a very different story in Upstate New York, with the region growing by less than 3%, while downstate New York has seen employment rise by over 13%. Stunningly, if Upstate New York were a state it’d have the “fourth worst” job growth in the nation. Cuomo certainly has a different definition “doing well” then everyone else.

Buffalo’s economic problems are a perfect example of Cuomo’s all talk, no results record of job creation. Cuomo called Buffalo a “national success story,” yet according to Empire Center for Public Policy that just spin:

“Job growth in the Buffalo Niagara region increased 4.7 percent between December 2010, the month before Cuomo took office, and December 2016. That growth rate is less than half the national average and puts us on par with places such as, well, Mississippi. ‘A little more than mediocre, fair at best,’ is the way E.J. McMahon, research director of the conservative Empire Center for Public Policy, described the Buffalo area’s job growth.”

Recently Cuomo has embraced the policy proposals of extremists like Bernie Sanders. As Cuomo gears up for a presidential run in 2020 it’s clear that he’ll need to run as a leftist ideologue to have a chance because he certainly won’t be able to run as a pragmatic job creator.