April 22, 2016

Like Clinton, Disgraced Kathleen Kane Used Private Email For Official Business

With the Pennsylvania primary only days away, the last thing Hillary Clinton wants is for Pennsylvania voters to draw more connections between her and embattled Attorney General Kathleen Kane. Yet a new Associated Press report makes avoiding that an impossibility.

Yesterday the news broke that as Attorney General Kathleen Kane used her personal email to conduct official business. The similarities between Clinton and Kane’s use of private email are startling.

They both endangered sensitive information by using a personal email for official business. Hillary Clinton had dozens of emails that contained top secret information on her unsecure, private server, while Kane had the identities of undercover agents on her personal email account:

“Pennsylvania’s embattled attorney general has routinely used personal email accounts to conduct official business, transmitting confidential information and the identities of undercover agents, despite an office ban that says doing so risks security. Kathleen Kane sent or received nearly 4,000 work-related emails through AOL and Yahoo accounts from the time she took office in January 2013 through August 2015, according to records obtained by The Associated Press.”

Just like Clinton broke State Department rules when she set up her private email server, Kane too broke a previously established rule that banned the use of a private email due to the “severe damage” it could do:

“A previous attorney general established a policy in 2009 that deemed using private email for office work a fireable offense… The 2009 policy barring use of personal email is 18 pages long, states that it is critical to transmit confidential information over a secure network and warns that access to such information could cause ‘severe damage’ to the Attorney General’s Office.”

Finally, both Clinton and Kane forbid their staffs from using a private email account for official business, while at the same time doing just that:

“Though Kane uses her personal email accounts, she admonished her staff not to. Among the documents obtained by the AP was an August 2014 email in which she asked an aide to remind senior staff members that her personal email ‘is not secure and should not be used.’”

The parallels between Kane and Clinton’s use of a private email are crystal clear for Pennsylvania Democrats. The scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as Secretary of State is one of the main reasons her poll numbers are at historic lows, which makes this news unfortunate timing for the former Secretary of State.