November 19, 2015

Like Clinton, Hassan Refuses To Call ISIS “Radical Islam”

New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan took a page out of Hillary Clinton’s book and refused to identify America’s enemy, ISIS, as “radical Islam.”

When asked, “Are we at war with radical Islam” by WMUR’s Josh McElveen in an interview on Wednesday, Hassan gave a meandering response mentioning a variety of tactics, but did not answer the question.

Clinton came under fire for refusing to refer to ISIS as “radical Islamic terrorism” during Saturday’s Democratic presidential debate and Hassan appears to be following a similar strategy.

Echoing Clinton could be a risky bet for Hassan, who is running for senate. She endorsed Clinton in the Democratic primary, but a Fox News poll released Wednesday night shows Clinton continuing to trail Bernie Sanders in the Granite State’s first-in-the-nation primary.

Transcript of Hassan’s ISIS answer:

WMUR’s JOSH MCELVEEN: “Are we at war with radical Islam?”

GOVERNOR HASSAN: “I think that ISIS declared war in bombing of Paris last week. And I think this is a unique and evolving threat. We have to do more, to combat ISIS. And that’s going to be an ongoing concern of the people of the United States. I have called for, and I believe it is appropriate, for the president to send to Congress and for Congress to discuss a new Authorization of the Use of Military Force to combat ISIS. And I think it should be a very specific authorization so that we can have a discussion as an American people about how we’re going to join international allies to defeat ISIS. And we should all be very clear about what that authorization of force looks like and we should make sure that the American people understand what it will take for us to join in a coalition to defeat ISIS.”