April 19, 2017

Like Clinton, Warren Bungles First TV Interview Of Presidential Campaign

During the summer of 2014, former Secretary of State Clinton went on a book tour as the informal launch of her presidential campaign. In her first television interview out of the gates, Clinton committed the “dead broke” gaffe that haunted her throughout the remainder of her campaign.

Now, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has suffered a similar fate. During an interview on Today to discuss the release of her latest book, Warren botched her answer to the most inevitable and predictable topic: her 2020 ambitions.

The headlines have been swift and unsparing:

After yesterday’s botched start, it’s easy to see why Senator Warren has earned a reputation of being averse to reporters’ questions. Now with even Rachel Maddow paying attention to America Rising’s efforts against Warren, that problem is only going to grow.

Her preferred “interview” is MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who coincidentally last night highlighted America Rising’s new Warren Initiative. But since Warren is running for president, she is going to have to venture beyond the comfy confines of her MSNBC fan club. Ask Hillary Clinton how that worked out.