August 11, 2013

Local Arkansas TV Discusses Problems With Mark Pryor’s Doubling Down On ObamaCare

In the past week, Mark Pryor has made it clear that he is going to run for reelection by defending ObamaCare. KARK’s Capitol View’s Roby Brock and NBC Meet The Press’s David Gregory discussed the problems with Pryor’s embrace of ObamaCare.

TALK BUSINESS’s ROBY BROCK: “David, I was on the campaign trail this with both Tom Cotton and Senator Mark Pryor. And as you mentioned, Obama and ObamaCare here is a very big negative in the state of Arkansas in terms of what we’ve seen in the polling. Mark Pryor has really doubled down and taking the issue of ObamaCare and owning it, saying that it’s been a good law and that it’s a jobs producer, not a job killer. You think that plays?”

NBC’s DAVID GREGORY: “Well, it’s going to be difficult because we see in national polling that near 50 percent of the public thinks it’s a bad idea. So much of that is because it’s so complicated and people don’t know how it’s going to work itself out once the bulk of it is into the law.”