August 12, 2013

Local Arkansas TV Talks About How Pryor’s ObamaCare Embrace Won’t Fly

During this year’s August recess, Mark Pryor has returned to Arkansas to tell his constituents that ObamaCare has been an “amazing success story.” Talk Business Arkansas discussed how Pryor’s full embrace of ObamaCare may backfire on him with Arkansas voters.

TALK BUSINESS’s ROBY BROCK: “One of the big things that has come up almost right off the bat, Cotton used it in his speeches, Mark Pryor talked about it in an interview that I did with him, health care, big issue. Cotton says repeal ObamaCare. Mark Pryor says this thing’s working, it’s not perfect, but it can be improved. How do you see that debate kind of playing out Arkansas voters?”

TALK BUSINESS’s J.R. DAVIS: “Yeah, you know Roby I’ve got to be honest with you. I don’t think this is going to play out too well with the Arkansas voters. I think you saw the ad that Pryor ran against Cotton calling him too ambitious attacking his voting record and the short voting record that he has so far he has in Congress. But that was weapons he had against Cotton. Now I think you give a weapon to Cotton’s camp and saying look at this, we are already hammering him on the deciding vote for ObamaCare, but now we’ve gone out and said it’s been a success so far. And the reason Roby I think there is a problem with the way Senator Pryor handled this situation, maybe there is just not a really good way to handle this situation. You already have the Obama Administration pushing back the employer mandate a year, and then we see the first of August and this is the Washington Post investigation there that some of the security testing for ObamaCare, as far as that data info, or data entry, and keeping that safe is months behind as well. So when all of that’s happening you have Senator Pryor saying hey this is a success. I think, in the end, Arkansans are going to, they’re not going to view that in the best light possible. You’ve got to remember that this is a state that voted against Obama by 24%, and you know Obama lost the state by 24%, so I don’t know how well this is going to play.”