November 30, 2016

Louisiana Dem Brags About Out Of State Money from Harvard, “Movie Stars”

The last Democrat standing, Louisiana’s Foster Campbell, spoke to reporters Tuesday about raising money for his campaign. In a bit of a strange twist, Campbell didn’t attempt to play up a groundswell of support from Louisianans, but rather he bragged about raising money from out of state from “movie stars” and Harvard lawyers:

CAMPBELL: “All I can say is hallelujah, hallelujah, I want all the help I can get from anybody. Anybody wants to vote for me tell’em come on. I’m for everything I can get, and you’re right, this woman’s right, you’re gonna find out today. Y’all all are gonna be surprised. We’re getting help from all across America. Harvard Law students are calling me, people from California, movie stars are calling, people from all over the United States are calling.”

In fact, The Advocate reported that in recent weeks, Campbell raised “more than twice the amount he raised in the entire run-up to the Nov. 8 primary.” But as his opponent’s campaign points out, this money is coming from out of state liberals intent on buying this election for Campbell. To wit, Campbell’s “movie star” supporters include actress Sally Field and comedian Patton Oswalt.

The Republican in the race, John Kennedy, put out a statement from his campaign blasting Campbell’s announcement: 

“John Kennedy has received the support of donors from across Louisiana who understand he is the only conservative in this race who supports our values. Foster Campbell represents the views of Democrats from California, and this report proves exactly what we said two weeks ago: liberals support other liberals.”