November 10, 2015

Louisiana’s Top Business Advocate Slams Edwards-Obama-Clinton Agenda

In case John Bel Edwards’ “F” rating from the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI), Louisiana’s leading advocate for pro-growth policies, economic freedom and free enterprise, wasn’t enough, the group’s President, Stephen Waguespack, penned a blistering column detailing Edwards’ liberal record of supporting tax hikes, bloated spending, and the anti-business agenda pushed by unions and trial lawyers.

Waguespack writes that Edwards’ lack of a primary opponent allowed him to run a dishonest and accountability-free campaign:

His campaign consultants have also serenaded us with tales of making government more efficient, opposing tax increases and putting the needs of students first, despite the fact that their candidate’s career voting record directly contradicts all of those priorities. Edwards has consistently opposed efforts to reign in government spending, supported bills to raise taxes and led the attack time and time again on educational choice, school letter grades and other reforms that empower parents and students.

But, if elected, Edwards will show his true colors:

If elected governor, Edwards will likely move quickly to select liberal appointees to his governing cabinet and throughout state agencies, boards and commissions. He will bring tremendous pressure on the Legislature to stack committees similarly. 

He will likely push for the tax-writing committees to be a launching pad for tax hikes and the budget-writing committees to be the same with spending. Committees that tackle legislation to reform our educational system or legal climate will be filled with those that persistently defend decades of failed policy.

And an Edwards governorship wouldn’t just be a disaster for Louisiana’s small businesses and taxpayers, it would be portrayed by Beltway spin doctors as a validation of President Obama’s agenda and would give Hillary Clinton a key ally in the governor’s mansion:

They will say Louisiana is no longer a conservative state and it is now the new model to use in the effort to turn the rest of the South “blue” again. Hillary Clinton will likely put Louisiana back on the drawing board and call the new governor for tips on how he did it.