September 30, 2016

LuAnn Bennett Dodges Question On Clinton’s Ethics

Hillary Clinton’s ethical lapses have snared another Democrat. Ritz-Carlton apartment owner LuAnn Bennett was confronted with the question by The Loudoun Tribune yesterday. The newspaper asked the Democratic candidate in Virginia’s 10th congressional district if she thought Clinton was “ethically fit” to be president.

Yet, instead of actually answer the question, Bennett took a page out of Maggie Hassan’s playbook, and completely dodged the simple question. Maybe Bennett has been out of the country for the entire 2016 presidential campaign because apparently she “can’t speak to” Clinton’s ethical fitness to be president:

“‘Is Hillary Clinton ethically fit to be president?’ ‘If the question is, is Hillary Clinton going to keep this country safe, my answer is yes. Does she have the temperament to have the nuclear codes, absolutely. She’s the most experienced person, male or female, who has ever run for the office of the presidency. I believe that her agenda for the country and the economy is the right agenda. As far as the distractions related to the foundation and other things, I can’t speak to that…’”

Bennett has struggled throughout the whole campaign with the “carpetbagger” label because of her long ties to Washington, D.C. It certainly won’t help her make those carpetbagger charges go away given that she’s so practiced at giving DC politician answers to modest questions.