October 6, 2016

LuAnn Bennett Says Obamacare Has Made Insurance “More Affordable,” Gets Laughed At

DC liberal LuAnn Bennett is going to want this one back. Speaking today at the National Conference Center debate, Bennett was asked about Obamacare. Many Democrats have struggled with this important topic recently, especially in the aftermath of Bill Clinton’s comments calling Obamacare “the craziest thing in the world.”

Bennett only made things worse for herself though. Instead of distancing herself from the flawed law, Bennett actually said that Obamacare has made health care “more affordable” for Americans:

BENNETT: “For the last fifty years, both parties have agreed that we have a health care crisis. By 2005, we had 47 million uninsured Americans and health care costs had grown to 16 percent of our GDP. The Affordable Care Act has made health care more affordable and it’s created access.” CROWD LAUGHS

Bennett could not be more wrong. Virginia, the state Bennett wants to represent in Congress, is an instructive case in the pain Obamacare has caused middle class Americans. In Virginia, Obamacare has made health insurance more expensive. In fact, insurance companies in Virginia want to raise health insurance premiums by up to 37.1% for 2017:

“Rate requests filed by the five largest Virginia insurers this week with the State Corporation Commission’s Bureau of Insurance show average increases ranging from 9.4 percent to 37.1 percent for individual coverage. About 300,000 Virginians are covered by these policies.”

Obamacare’s flaws have also caused BlueCross BlueShield to stop selling “bronze-level health plans” in the Virginia market in 2017, meaning many Virginians will lose the insurance they’ve come to rely on, in additional to seeing higher insurance costs.

All told, health care costs in the United States, which include health insurance, have risen the most in 2016 than in any year since 1984. If this is Bennett’s definition of “more affordable,” she’s even more out of touch with the voters of Virginia’s 10th congressional district than anyone could have imagined.