November 3, 2016

Lucky Seven: Patrick Murphy Racks Up Sixth And Seventh Ethics Complaints

Patrick Murphy is picking up new ethics complaints at a record pace. Yesterday, it was revealed that Murphy was under an FBI investigation for his 2012 congressional campaign. Now today the Miami Herald is reporting that Murphy has been hit with two more complaints, one to the Office of Congressional Ethics and the other to the FEC.

The nonpartisan election watchdog group FACT alleges in their explosive, new FEC complaint that Murphy is funding his campaign with an illegal $1 million loan:

“FACT and Carroll now claim, though, that Murphy executed what Carroll described as ‘a sham ‘sale’ by claiming to have sold $1 million in stock in his family’s Coastal Construction Group to use as collateral for the recent campaign loan. Murphy was gifted his stock in Coastal a few years ago by his father — Coastal founder, CEO and chairman Tom Murphy Jr.”

Murphy’s own campaign has seemingly confirmed the validity of FACT’s FEC complaint by admitting that Murphy sold the Coastal Construction stock back to his father:

“The campaign also clarified this week that Murphy sold back his stock to Coastal itself. The company is family owned and operated.”

As FACT’s executive director Matthew Whitaker states, Murphy’s father is illegally funding both his SuperPAC and his Senate campaign:

“‘Murphy cannot use his company to fund both his campaign and his super PAC,’ Whitaker continued, referring to a donation Murphy’s father — in Coastal’s name — made to a pro-Murphy super PAC earlier this year.”

Murphy’s losing campaign will be over in five days. Yet the legal aftereffects of his unethical campaign will long afflict him.