October 18, 2016

Lyin Bayh Can’t Stop Misleading About His Record

Evan Bayh has been a politician since the 1980s. You’d think after spending that much time in politics, he’d know that if you lie about your record, you will get caught. Yet that’s just what Bayh did during tonight’s first and only Indiana Senate debate. He told lie after lie, praying that Indiana voters wouldn’t learn the truth. See below for Bayh’s lies and his actual record.

First, cap-and-trade is very unpopular in Indiana. As a United States Senator Bayh voted three times for bills that would have created a cap-and-trade system. Yet Bayh said flat-out tonight he never supported cap-and-trade:

Bayh also lied about his post-Senate career as a lobbyist. Bayh is a partner at a major DC firm, and his purpose at the firm was to “sway public policy” for his clients:

“Bayh sought to sway public policy to favor clients of McGuireWoods, the law and lobbying firm where he has worked since 2011, as well as other groups he affiliated with while out of office.”

That description certainly will sound like a lobbyist to anyone in Indiana. Unfortunately for Bayh, Congressman Todd Young held him accountable tonight:

The next topic Bayh lied about supporting was the repeal of the death tax. Once again Bayh lied. He told Indiana voters that he supported repealing the death tax, when in actuality he voted against repealing the death tax numerous times:

Finally, Bayh lied about his record holding China accountable on trade. In 2000, Bayh voted to create permanent normal trade relations with China. The fact that he now wants to claim he’s been tough on China, just does not square with his record: