September 6, 2016

Maggie Hassan: “Of Course I Trust” Hillary Clinton

Governor Maggie Hassan’s Senate campaign legacy is unfolding before our eyes. She will be remembered for giving the worst series of answers about Hillary Clinton’s staggeringly high untrustworthy numbers of any candidate.

First, Hassan gave such a cringeworthy answer last month that it made national headlines. Hassan refused three times to say that Clinton was trustworthy, and the avalanche of tweets that followed had Hassan’s campaign doing clean-up for days.

This weekend in an interview with WMUR, Hassan discovered that her Clinton trust answer is still a major topic of conversation. This time though Hassan went the opposite route, professing that “of course I trust [Clinton]”:

Now instead of universal mockery from reporters, Hassan finds herself on the wrong side of the overwhelming majority of New Hampshire voters. Most Americans find Clinton untrustworthy and Hassan is now on camera saying exactly the opposite. Good luck with that.