February 29, 2016

Maggie Hassan Does The Election Year Shuffle On Gitmo

After weeks of getting blasted for running a scripted, substance-free campaign and under pressure to take a position on something, anything, New Hampshire’s Maggie Hassan claimed to oppose President Obama’s plan to close the Guantanamo Bay prison and transfer terrorist detainees to the United States.

Saying she was “very concerned” about the proposal, Hassan objected that “It doesn’t, for instance, tell us how we would prevent terrorists from returning to the battlefield.”

Hassan has been hedging on the issue for months, indicating she might support the plan in an interview with The Union Leader during her campaign launch.

President Obama’s final proposal was exactly the type of plan that had long been expected to come out of the White House, so it’s unclear why Hassan seemed open to it just a few months ago.

A more likely explanation? In the wake of the Paris and San Bernardino terrorist attacks voters have become increasingly concerned about the rising terror threat, and Hassan knows she needs to distance herself from an increasingly left-wing Democratic Party on national security issues. It’s notable that Hassan’s close ally, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, supports the plan.

Despite Hassan’s election year attempt at tough talk, it’s hard for anyone familiar with Hassan’s record to imagine she would be anything other than a rubberstamp for national Democrats.