September 20, 2016

Maggie Hassan Keeps Declining To Answer Foreign Policy Questions

There has been no bigger issue this year than the spread of terrorist attacks in the United States and Europe. So when Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) proposed a debate solely devoted to national security and foreign policy, you’d have thought Democratic challenger Maggie Hassan would have readily agreed. Yet instead, Hassan dodged that foreign policy debate.

Events from yesterday showcase why Hassan didn’t want a debate focused exclusively on those critical topics. Speaking about the appalling attacks in Minnesota, New York, and New Jersey Hassan was asked if she thought there were other potential terrorists currently in the United States. Hassan exposed how untested she is on foreign policy when she “declined” to answer that question:

“Hassan declined to say definitively whether she thought there were other potential attackers in the U.S., but she later provided a statement.”

This isn’t the first time Hassan has shown that she’s not ready for primetime on national security topics. Last year, a week after the shocking Paris attacks, Hassan refused to say the United States was at war with radical Islam:

WMUR’s JOSH MCELVEEN: “Are we at war with radical Islam?” HASSAN: “I think that ISIS declared war in bombing of Paris last week. And I think this is a unique and evolving threat. We have to do more, to combat ISIS. And that’s going to be an ongoing concern of the people of the United States. I have called for, and I believe it is appropriate, for the president to send to Congress and for Congress to discuss a new Authorization of the Use of Military Force to combat ISIS. And I think it should be a very specific authorization so that we can have a discussion as an American people about how we’re going to join international allies to defeat ISIS. And we should all be very clear about what that authorization of force looks like and we should make sure that the American people understand what it will take for us to join in a coalition to defeat ISIS.”

Hassan has also flip-flopped on accepting Syrian refugees. The world has become an increasingly dangerous place; Hassan’s repeated foreign policy blunders show that New Hampshire cannot afford a Senate so unprepared to deal with the many challenges around the world.