October 12, 2016

Maggie Hassan Literally Has No Answer On Syrian Refugees & Guantanamo

Maggie Hassan’s lack of foreign policy experience is proving to be a serious liability for her Senate campaign. Speaking with the Concord Monitor’s editorial board, Hassan displayed why her weakness on foreign policy is such a problem. When questioned about President Obama’s plan to accept Syrian refugees and close Guantanamo Bay prison facility, Hassan’s inexperience was readily apparent.

President Obama and Hillary Clinton have consistently spoken about their intention to settle tens of thousands of Syrian refugees in America. On the other hand, Hassan has been all over the map on the question. When Hassan entered the New Hampshire Senate race, she announced that she supported settling Syrian refugees in the United States. Then in November 2015, Hassan flip-flopped on that position. Now she won’t even answer the question:

“She declined to say whether she agreed with Hillary Clinton’s plan to let in 65,000 refugees from Syria, calling it a ‘hypothetical question.’”

It appears that after Hassan was pressed repeatedly by NHPR over her Syrian refugee flip-flop she’s now decided to not even both answering the question.

Hassan’s lack of command over critical national security subjects was once again apparent when the questioning turned to Guantanamo Bay. She’s never been active in foreign policy so it makes sense that she could not answer a direct question about what she wants to see done with the prison facility:

“When asked if she ever wants to see Guantanamo closed, Hassan didn’t directly answer, simply saying she would ‘always review proposals’ that come to her.”

Hassan’s foreign policy gaffes could not come at a worse time. With only weeks until Election Day, the last thing she can afford to do is remind New Hampshire voters about just how little experience she has with foreign policy matters.