October 15, 2015

Maggie Hassan Touts Fringe Blog As Source For Attack

Maggie Hassan, the sitting governor of New Hampshire and candidate for U.S. Senate, is raising eyebrows among reporters for a press release and a tweet touting an article attacking her opponent. Why? The article Hassan cites is from Wonkette.com, an ultra-liberal blog that describes itself as “A vile socialist anti-Christian propaganda blog.”

Hassan took to Twitter to call the Wonkette piece a “MUST READ” and mainstream media reporters took note:

Citing wildly biased “sources” isn’t new for Hassan’s campaign. A press release sent out on Tuesday linked to ThinkProgress.org – affiliated with the far-left Center for American Progress – as a source for another attack.

With the bar set this low, one has to wonder if Hassan’s campaign will start blasting out Democratic Underground comments next?