January 5, 2016

Maggie Hassan Voted To Make Heating Your Home More Expensive

If you live in or around the Granite State, you know that winter has officially arrived in the form of single-digit temperatures, freezing pipes, and higher heating bills. As New Hampshire enters another day of negative temperatures, it’s timely to revisit Democratic governor and senate candidate Maggie Hassan’s history of voting to increase already-astronomical heating costs.

As a state senator, Hassan voted for tax and fee hikes that made virtually every aspect of her constituents’ lives more expensive, but her vote to increase fees on fuel oil and boiler inspections – a.k.a. two vital components of heating most homes and buildings – directly impacted nearly every Granite Stater.

Hassan consistently supported a fee on fuel oil imports. In 2009, she voted for a temporary per-gallon fee that would expire in mid-2010. Then, two months before the feel was set to expire, she voted to make her fuel tax permanent.

Hassan’s big government agenda carried real costs for her constituents. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, about half of New Hampshire families use fuel oil as their primary heating source, and the state is “particularly vulnerable” to fuel shortages and price increases in the winter.

This wasn’t the first time Hassan pushed for measures that increased heating costs. In 2005, Hassan voted for a budget that more than doubled boiler inspection fees, from $45 to $100 and boiler certificate fees, from $25 to $50. Yes, that’s $50 for a piece of paper saying that an inspection (which costs $100) was performed.

Fortunately for Hassan, she can crank up the heat as high as she wants in the Governor’s Mansion and not pay an extra penny.