October 20, 2016

Maggie Hassan’s Absurd Campaign Finance Hypocrisy

Maggie Hassan is taking her outside money duplicity to a whole new level. Hassan has now placed on her website a page directing Super PACs in how she wants them to spend money in New Hampshire. This has become a common tactic for Democrats this year. Already Patrick Murphy, Ted Strickland, and Katie McGinty have received FEC complaints over their use of webpages similar to Hassan’s page.

Yet, Hassan’s dark money hypocrisy is nothing new in this race. On her campaign website Hassan claims that she stands up to “dark money in politics.” Yet at the same time, Hassan has refused to denounce the anti-Ayotte dark money ads during a debate:

In fact, the Daily Beast called Hassan “Exhibit A” in Democratic dark money hypocrisy:

“If hypocrisy is the coin of the realm in politics, then spending by a Democratic dark money group in New Hampshire’s Senate race could be Exhibit A… There’s one problem: Hassan herself is receiving millions of dollars in ground support from a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization called Majority Forward, which is run by Democratic operatives close to Reid.”

Hassan’s hypocrisy on campaign finance issues is so well known to New Hampshire voters that when it was brought up during a debate, the voters laughed at Hassan:

The coup de grace remains though Hassan’s attempt to coordinate with outside groups through her “NH Needs To Know” page. While the rest of Hassan’s dark money moves were politics at its worst, this is an attempt by Hassan to violate campaign finance laws. As the nonpartisan watchdog group FACT said about similar attempts, this is nothing less than actions that are “deliberately trying to undermine our nation’s campaign finance laws.”