January 16, 2016

Maggie Hassan’s Failed Drug Czar Resigns Amid Criticism

In a Friday afternoon news dump, New Hampshire governor and senate candidate Maggie Hassan announced that her controversial “drug czar,” charged with leading the response to the state’s heroin crisis, will resign.

The czar, Jack Wozmak, has been under fire for months from leading advocacy groups, editorial boards, and law enforcement for his ineffective job performance and lack of outreach.

Hassan’s handling of her state’s drug crisis has been the subject of harsh criticism, from defending her failed czar (until now) to being caught asleep at the wheel multiple times, in one instance completely unaware of millions federal grant money New Hampshire had received until she was asked abut it by the press.

Hassan downplayed Wozmak’s poor performance for months, but now that she’s facing a tough election it appears he may be collateral damage to her political ambitions.