October 9, 2015

Maggie Hassan’s Washington Way

It’s less than a week into Gov. Maggie Hassan’s senate campaign, and she’s already traded in “The New Hampshire Way” for “The Washington Way.”

Hassan launched her campaign on running against “special interests” in Washington D.C., but her seemingly poll-tested rhetoric doesn’t match her swift endorsements from liberal special interests and national Democrats.

The day after Hassan’s campaign kickoff, liberal Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren sent a fundraising email on Hassan’s behalf to her out-of-New Hampshire supporters.

Then, Washington-based special interest group EMILY’s List endorsed Hassan. EMILY’s List’s endorsement comes after Hassan admitted that she and her fellow Granite State Democrats “answer to the name EMILY.”

Now, the D.C. Democrat establishment has rushed in and formally endorsed Hassan:

Hassan’s immediate embrace by D.C. elites shouldn’t come as a surprise. In 2012, liberal special interest groups spent more than $11 million backing her campaign. That’s more than five times what Hassan’s official campaign spent on her election. It’s clear that D.C. special interest groups have already shown Hassan the Washington way.