November 3, 2015

Maine Dem Under Fire For Possible Ethics Violations

Joe Baldacci, a Democratic candidate in Maine’s 2nd Congressional district and current Bangor City Councilor, is drawing fire for potentially violating a Bangor city ethics ordinance.

On November 1, 2015, Baldacci submitted a guest column  to the Bangor Daily News where he touted his minimum wage proposal and endorsed two city council candidates who both openly support his efforts.

The Bangor Daily News reported that Baldacci’s column “raised concerns among some Bangor officials Monday that he may have violated a city ordinance barring councilors from using their position to influence elections.” The Bangor Daily News went on to say that the issue is whether Baldacci “acted in his official capacity or as a candidate and private citizen when he wrote the column.”

Looks like Badacci should think twice the next time he he wants use his official post to promote one of his fledgling proposals.