May 11, 2016

Maine Democrat Supports ObamaCare As Premiums Skyrocket

Emily Cain, the Democratic candidate for Maine’s 2nd Congressional District, has been a steadfast supporter of ObamaCare, calling it “an important step forward” and one of President Obama’s successes. Cain has also been adamant in her opposition to repealing the law, saying it would create hardships for the people of Maine.

Now, the Portland Press Herald has reported that Community Health Options, an ObamaCare cooperative that is nearly 80 percent of Maine’s health care market, is requesting premium increases of nearly 23 percent. In addition to Community Health Options, numerous other insurers in the ObamaCare marketplace are requesting premium increases ranging from 14 percent to about 19 percent.

Emily Cain is in the company of other high profile Democrats like Colorado Senator Michael Bennet and Hillary Clinton, both of whom had no answers for rising premiums. Cain may want to come up with some better talking points when voters ask tough questions and may want to rethink her support for policies that hurt the people she hopes to represent.