April 18, 2016

Maine Democrat Pockets Cash From Corrupt Politician

According to the most recent FEC report, Maine 2nd District candidate Emily Cain received a total of $4,000 in contributions from former Massachusetts Democratic Congressman John Tierney’s campaign account.

Tierney Contribution

Tierney, who was defeated in 2014 by an insurgent primary challenger, had been at the center of corruption probes for years. Tierney’s problems stem from his family’s ethics scandals and his alleged failure to report income to the IRS. In addition, the left-leaning watchdog group CREW – Citizens For Responsibility In Washington – previously labeled Tierney as one of Washington’s “Most Corrupt” politicians.

Emily Cain’s willingness to pocket cash from a scandal-plagued career politician who was cast out of office by voters is a testament to her desperate campaign. Cain has proven she will stop at nothing to fill her campaign coffers with questionable contributions, from tainted money like Tierney’s to outside cash from liberal billionaires like George Soros.