July 11, 2016

Malloy’s Cigna Cheerleading Continues To Present Problems For Democrats

Governor Dannel Malloy (D-CT) spent his weekend presiding over the Democratic Platform committee in his role as co-chair. Yet for many Democratic activists, Malloy’s presence was a slap in the face. The Platform committee produced the “most progressive platform in the history” of the Democratic Party. Yet Malloy has spent the past few months helping to push through the Cigna-Anthem merger, actions antithetical to most liberals.

Malloy’s close ties to Cigna have incensed liberal groups like the Howard Dean-founded Democracy for America for months. Last week, the group circulated a petition signed by over 20,000 people calling on Malloy to resign from his leadership position on the platform committee. The petition excoriated the two-faced dealings and rhetoric of Governor Malloy and the Democratic Party:

“‘Gov. Malloy must choose between serving the insurance industry and leading the Democratic Party,’ says the petition. ‘It’s hard to take the Democratic Party’s stance on affordable health care seriously when prominent members of its leadership are using their elected offices to help the insurance industry profit at the expense of consumers.'”

Additionally, Howard Dean’s brother Jim Dean blasted Malloy’s conduct too:

“’Democratic leadership in Connecticut and around the country can no longer have it both ways. Our party deserves to know if our leaders, like Gov. Malloy, are going to stand the Wall Street interests who want to choke off competition in the health insurance industry or the working families who will be harmed by their pursuit of profit at any cost,’ Jim Dean, the chairman of Democracy for America, said in a statement.”

Dean has indicated that this fight would not end with the platform committee’s work. Democracy for America plans on highlighting Malloy’s work on the Cigna-Anthem merger and his ties to Hillary Clinton at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia. With the Sanders supporters planning to “crash” the DNC, Malloy’s actions could be a spark for protesters.