November 7, 2013

Mark Begich Was Against State-Run Exchanges Before He Was Allegedly For It

Recently, Sen. Mark Begich (D-AK) has been saying that Alaska should have listened to him and created its own health insurance exchange instead of relying on the federal government.

The State of Alaska opted not to accept the no-strings-attached federal funding to plan its own health care website, has deferred management of the program to the federal government and has been of little assistance to Alaskans on the benefits of the ACA.

“Despite multiple opportunities for the State of Alaska to take the lead, they passed on their chance to create a health care exchange and website that suited the unique needs of Alaskans,” said Sen. Begich.

But in 2009, Begich told a crowd of Alaskans that he was nervous about what would happen if states were left to run their own exchanges.

BEGICH: “I’m a little nervous, to be very frank with you, if you set up 50 state exchanges. 50 state public options. It gets very complex. If you’re a small business person in the lower 48 and you have 3 businesses that go over state lines – which very possible if you own a franchise at 3 different locations. How do you manage that?”

Nice try by Begich, but he can’t have it both ways just because Alaskans and the rest of America are finding out how much of a disaster ObamaCare has been.