November 12, 2013

Mark Pryor: Don’t Blame Me, I Only Voted For And Championed ObamaCare

This past weekend, Mark Pryor (D-AR) said that he shouldn’t bear any blame for Arkansans having the misleading notion that they would be able to keep their current insurance plans under ObamaCare. An estimated 35,000 Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield customers will lose their existing health insurance plans.

REPORTER: “Do you think you share any of the blame for people having the mistaken idea that they could keep their insurance no matter what?” PRYOR: “Well look, I’m always willing to acknowledge mistakes. You all know me well. I’ve never claimed to get every issue exactly right every single time or all the time. So, if… I don’t know that I’d say share the blame, but I’d say that I want this to work. I think most people in Arkansas want this to work.”

However, in August 2013, just weeks after calling ObamaCare an “amazing success story,” Pryor told the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce that ObamaCare was “the right thing for Arkansas” and that it was already working.

PRYOR: “The answer to your question is: I came to the conclusion that the Affordable Care Act was the right thing for Arkansas. I think you can look and see it’s already starting to work, it is working.”