August 8, 2013

Mark Pryor, You Are Washington

In addition to saying ObamaCare is actually working, Mark Pryor had a bit of a surprise thrown at him when his interviewer stopped him cold after Pryor prattled on about Washington.

ANCHOR: “Alright, let’s talk about your game plan, what’s your first step?”

PRYOR: “Well, my first step is to get in here and work hard and be the kind of Senator I’ve tried to be for the last ten years. And, you know, I think the people of Arkansas tell me they like my approach to being in the Senate, because I’m very non-partisan I work with both sides. I try to bring people together, try to make things happen. And when I’m around the state and people come up to me, they’re so frustrated with Washington, and, you know what, they should be. They should be frustrated with Washington.”

ANCHOR: “Yeah, but Senator, you are Washington.”