July 31, 2013

Mark Pryor’s Outlook Goes From Bad To Worse

markpryor from bad to worse


With news of a challenger emerging today against an already vulnerable Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR), things really aren’t looking too good for the incumbent senator:

On the other side stands Pryor, a Democrat fighting for his life in an increasingly red state. Pryor has been getting it from both sides. Conservative groups seeking to dislodge him have already lobbed attack ads his direction. Meanwhile, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s gun control group took him to task for voting against expanding background checks on gun purchases.

Pryor’s first TV ad was a defensive spot, hitting back against Bloomberg and distancing himself from President Obama. It’s never a good sign when a candidate’s first commercial is a response to criticism.

Under increasing political pressure, what will Pryor have a change of heart on next? Remember, he voted for ObamaCare and defended IPAB, but conveniently decided this year that he would now oppose the board.