November 18, 2013

And Martha Robertson’s Favorite Fuel Is…

Conservation. Yes, she said that.

We discussed her background, accomplishments and issues. When I asked the county legislator about fracking and energy (given the district’s proximity to Pennsylvania, where an energy boom is underway), she looked at me and said natural gas was “not her favorite fuel.”

The smile on her face suggested that she understood how odd that sounded. Though I had not been aware that people had favorite fuels, I asked what her favorite fuel was. “Conservation,” she replied, quickly adding “renewable energy,” as well.

But that isn’t the only interesting thing we learned about Robertson in this Roll Call profile. Robertson is unabashedly liberal, even admitting she has voted to raise taxes every year as a county legislator:

I hadn’t realized it at the time, but Robertson, who admitted to me that she has voted to raise taxes every year she has been in the county legislature, has been a leader in the fight against fossil fuels.

Robertson is so liberal (way too liberal for New York’s 23rd District where Mitt Romney beat Barack Obama) that her only disagreement with Democrats is to say they are compromising too much:

When I asked her about any differences she had with her own party, the Democratic county legislator said that she disagreed with those (including the president) willing to consider adopting a “chained CPI” to calculate Social Security cost-of-living adjustments, and she opposes linking student loans to money market fund rates.

In other words, she finds some in her party too willing to compromise with Republicans.