December 3, 2013

Mary Landrieu, You Forgot Your Paperwork

Just last week, Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) was chairing a Small Business committee hearing in the Senate about the health insurance exchanges for small business. Landrieu touted ObamaCare saying that it would free up small businesses from more onerous paperwork.

LANDRIEU: “The new shop market places will allow small businesses to compare plans easily, which was never, hardly ever possible before. Taking the administrative burden off employers and allowing them to get back to running their businesses which they do best, not filing paperwork to get health insurance.”

Except, small businesses still have to file paperwork to get health insurance after the Obama White House delayed the small business online exchanges for over a year.

The Small Business Health Options Program, known as the SHOP exchange, will not offer online enrollment until November 2014, a one-year delay from a launch that was initially planned for this past October. […] Small businesses will still have the option to purchase SHOP health insurance plans through a broker or agent, who will assist the employer with filing a paper application.

This is just more evidence that the bill Landrieu said she’d take 100% accountability for, is increasing the burden on small businesses.